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Clearette E-Cigs

Welcome to the Clearette Experience, the new improved electronic vapor alternative to cigarettes.

Sensational flavors and award winning product line.

The Clearette Experience:

Freedom to taste, freedom to enjoy, freedom from worry. 

Enjoy your Clearette E-Cigarette experience almost anywhere.

The Brand You Trust….

The Clearette choice: Quality and great taste, every time.

Sexy without the tar

The Clearette Experience:  Full Flavor, No tar, No carcinogens, No ordor

Mango E-Hookah (Disposable)
Menthol E-Cigarette (Disposable)
Strawberry E-Hookah (Disposable)
Zeros E-Cigarette (Disposable)
Pinacolada E-Liquid
E-Hookah Variety Pack (5 Pack)
Electronic Cigar
Raspberry Daiquiri E-Liquid
Strawberry Zero E-Hookah (Disposable)
Menthol Bold Flavor Cartridges (5 Pack)
Strawberry Kiwi Margarita E-Liquid
Bronze Bundle
Bold Flavor Cartridges (5 Pack)
 Fruit Mix Zero E-Hookah (Disposable)
Traditional E-Liquid
Ego CE6 Kit Double
disposable electronic cigarettes
E-CigarettesThe best way to start
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electronic hookah
E-HookahsUnbeatable quality & flavor
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electronic cigarette starter kits
Starter Kits Rechargeable E-Cigarettes
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personal vaporizors
PV's & E-Liquid
Personal Vaporizer Kits
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Clearette Affiliate Program
Affiliate Program
Clearette E-cigs Learn Center
Learn Center
Clearette Commerical
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Electronic Cigarettes by Clearette


Clearette Vapor Products

E cigsEnjoy the sensation of smoking without the smoke, odor and carcinogens

E HookahsMultiple Flavors and nicotine strengths for any type of e-cig smoker

Hookah PensFreedom to smoke almost anywhere where traditional cigarettes are not allowed

Easy-to-Use Rechargables

Electronic HookahsSavor the rich flavors of Clearette’s E-Cigarettes in your very own personal, rechargeable model

E-HookahsClearette’s rechargeable e-cigs are ultra-convenient and includes 1 Battery, 2 flavor cartridges and a portable USB charger

Electronic Cigarettes Each rechargeable Clearette is fashioned to look sleek and stylish, and best of all is designed to feel like a real cigarette

The Clearette E-Hookah

E-CigarettesUse your E-Hookah almost anywhere without the harmful smoke, tar and ash

E-LiquidWith Clearette’s long-lasting batteries, each elegantly designed E-Hookah lasts up to 800 puffs

Ego Kits5 Intense, rich flavors made with premium ingredients

Disposable E-Cigarettes

Evod KitsNow you can take Clearette on the go with our easy-to-use, disposable electronic cigarette

Electronic CigsOur disposable e-cigs are ready to be enjoyed upon opening

E -cigsAs with our other products, our disposable e-cigs come in a variety of strengths and flavors

E-Cigs Vs. Traditional Cigarettes

E- CigarettesNo Tar, No Carcinogens, No Ash

Electronic CigarettesMore socially acceptable

e-cigaretteNo smoke, only vapor

e-hookahsEnjoy almost anywhere where traditional cigarettes aren’t allowed

Customer Satisfaction

buy e-cigarettesWe take satisfaction in giving our customers more freedom, which is why we offer a large array of products to tailor our customer’s wants and needs

best e-cigarette100% satisfaction guarantee

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