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Disposable E-Cigs are the simplest & most convenient way to get started. Featuring 500 puffs of delicious, robust vapor.


Starter Kits

Our Starter Kits & Recharable Line of E-Cigs feature 500 puffs of vapor and are the most cost effective way to use E-Cigs.


Electronic Hookahs

Our line of sleek, disposable E-Hookahs are a flavorful & convenient way to enjoy 800 puffs of smooth, fruity vapor.


Vaporizers & E-Liquid

Premium USA E-Liquids are hand-crafted to taste exceptional while providing robust & delicious vapor clouds.


Electronic Cigarettes

Clearette Electronic Cigarette is the premier electronic cigarette company proud to provide the very best, top-rated electronic cigarettes and vaporizing devices. Our company strives to be all-encompassing while maintaining superior customer service; we value each and every one of our loyal customers. We offer free & fast shipping on all US orders and have a myriad of fun and delicious products to choose from. From exotic USA E-Hookahs to top-of-the-line vaporizers, we have something for everyone. In addition, our company provides customers with both a Warranty and a Site-Wide Satisfaction Guarantee.

We love giving back to the vaping community, which is why we have implemented our easy Reward Center where customers can collect Clearette Coins for extra savings. We are also involved in the electronic cigarette and vaping politics, as we truly believe in the vaping movement, our brand and what we have to offer the world with our evolving technology.



Our line has something for everyone. We provide top-quality disposable and rechargeable electronic cigarettes, refill cartridges, Bullets, electronic hookah pens, vaporizers, vaporizer kits, variety packs, USA E-Liquids and vaporizing accessories. Our company is constantly adding to inventory as our brand continues to expand. We are proud to produce the best and most innovative products at the best prices.



All USA-made E-Liquids are created and bottled in our company lab in New York. Our chemists and culinary experts source ingredients from all around the world to ensure an unparalleled vaping experience. All ingredients used by Clearette Electronic Cigarette are approved for individual use by the FDA. Our line of premium E-Liquids contains Pharmaceutical-grade nicotine (depending on the customer’s preference), USP grade propylene glycol, USP grade vegetable glycerin, purified water and natural and/or artificial flavoring. Our chemists and culinary experts have engineered our E-Liquids to taste exceptional upon arrival without the need to steep.

From simple flavors like our Juicy Peach to decadent culinary concoctions like our Banana Lemon Meringue Pie, we have crafted over 50 E-Liquids with a little of everything. From dessert to happy-hour, our E-Juice tastes delicious and pure. For those who are looking to customize their flavors, we offer a DIY station where customers can create their very own flavors in their desired nicotine strengths. From warm flavors like hazelnut and coffee to fun fruity flavors like dragon fruit and pumpkin, the Make-Your-Own-Flavor Station is completely customizable.



We have instituted technology that far exceeds other brands’. Clearette Electronic Cigarettes are not only patented, but feature a variety of favorable characteristics that most other companies' devices do not. All E-Cig devices are designed with premium E-Liquid, a powerful atomizer, a super-charged battery, an innovative internal micro-chip and advanced air-flow technology. This means that Clearette’s electronic cigarettes taste exceptional and produce thick flavor and clouds until the battery reaches its expiration. Unlike other E-cigs, our electronic cigarettes taste exceptional until the final puff. No burnt taste. No diminishment of vapor.


We are happy to hear your feedback and advice, as we are consistently striving to be innovators. We welcome all questions, inquiries and suggestions. As the vapor industry continues to expand, we rely on our loyal customers’ feedback to ensure that we are meeting and exceeding their expectations.

We  also provide our customers with both a Satisfaction Guarantee and a Warranty on specific products which are purchased through the Clearette Website. As always, all US shipments are free & speedy, discreet and require no minimum purchase amount. All US shipments take 3-5 business days to arrive in the mail.


Our manufacturing facility folllows scrupulous standards to ensure health, safety and sanitation. All E-Liquids are produced in our clean-room facility located in our company laboratory in Ronkonkoma, New York. All devices are inspected and tested prior to shipping. We conduct rigorous testing at each stage of the manufacturing process. These proven procedures ensure each device meets our high standards of quality. Once the products are determined to meet these established standards, the customer is then notified that the order is released and approved for delivery. Customer satisfaction is our core focus.

Create Your Own E-Liquid